The Man Cave

A Place Of Safety For More Words


Our Mission

To create a safe environment for men to discuss everyday wins and challenges

It is about changing this idea of masculinity and ensuring no man is alone in his journey


What We Do

This fortnightly circle is open to all men.

Vulnerability is something we are not used to. Many think that vulnerability is a 'touchy-feely' idea, however, we are becoming more aware that is not what is happening. Vulnerability is about sending a clear message that we have weaknesses and that we can use help. This creates a model to enable men to set their insecurities aside to trust and help each other.

It's an open circle where you can share your wins or challenges, or you can just listen in and offer support.

Let's start to redefine the way men communicate.


The Man Cave Circle

What happens at this event?

This fortnightly circle is open to all men.

We get men in a room together, like you would at a BBQ, Pub or in your own Man Cave. But ditch the superficial conversation and talk about real life. It is an open forum where we allow men to speak.

It sounds intimidating, however, we don't expect you to give your all in your first session - but at least come along and feel the power that is men speaking on a deeper level.

It is important to acknowledge that we are not a Psychologist or Counseling service, but provide the first stepping stone to help men start their journey towards better mental health.

These circles available both in person and online - click below for more information.


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